lundi 24 août 2009

Open ERP Server With MySQL

SAServer will be Enhanced Version Open ERP-Server which will support all Major Databases.
Its main aim is to make Open ERP database independent. So end user can make their existing application as it and able to implement Open ERP easily on the same dababase.

How to get branches?

You need to checkout branch of sa-server :
bzr branch lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-server/server-sa

For this server you need to get addons from this branch:
bzr branch lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/addons-sa

Use stable5.0 client for this server:

bzr branch lp:openobject-client/5.0

How to install SQLAlchemy?

Install newer version of sqlalchemy from 0.5.x series,
Download SQLAlchemy from this link:

Configure Mysql

In mysql you need to create new user named tiny:

CREATE USER ‘tiny’@'localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

Grant privileges to this user by:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO ‘tiny’@'localhost’

How to start server?

You can start sa-server using –engine option,



USER : mysql user (Super User)
PASSWORD : Password of USER
HOSTNAME : Host on which mysql server is running (By Default : localhost)
PORT : Port on which mysql server is running (By Default : 3306)

Ex: python –engine=’mysql:tiny@//localhost’ –addons-path=../../addons-sa/

Now OpenERP server is ready to work with mysql database,

18 commentaires:

  1. It works perfectly, thanks! is this production ready?

    Is this SAserver going to be official any time soon?

  2. I have follow every step in this blog, but when I run openerp-client it can't create database. What should I do?

  3. Is there any news on a Microsoft SQL Server implementation yet?

  4. I have problem starting server:
    ImportError: No module named dbhandler
    where I can find that module ?

  5. hi, I'm new. I download sa-server via Bazaar, it locates at C:\server-sa\trunk.
    I installed python 2.6 at C:\Python26

    And do not know how to run the Server as service so I can access via http://localhost:8080

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  8. It's a pain that this project are discontinued. i'm hope that someday re-launch. there are many differences from version 5 to 6?

  9. Does it works on OpenErp v7 also???

  10. I'm new to OpenERP, but i want MySql in OpenERP v7. Do i need to download server-sa and addons. if i need, provide me link for addons as i am unable to do. Please exaplain the procedure of installing OpenERP v7 with MySql.

  11. I'm new to OpenERP, but i want MySql in Odoo. Do i need to download server-sa and add-ons. if i need, provide me link for add-ons as i am unable to do. Please explain the procedure of installing Odoo with MySql.

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