lundi 16 novembre 2009

Hiding database name on login

It’s important to be able to hide database names from login screen for security purpose, the users who are known with Database names can login, for others database name is not accessible.

Now this enhancement is implemented in trunk server and client,

We have an option –list_db on the openobject server to disable the list of Databases,

Run server like:

./ –addons-path=../../../addons/ –list_db=False

If the option has value “False” it will provide a char field instead of having a selection box for the Databases, Or the user can specify database name manually:

If the database does not exist, it will raise and error:

After the first connexion, the DB name is stored on the ~/.openerprc and on the next login, the char field will be filled with the last database name connected.

The selection list is also removed from “Drop Database” and “Backup Database”

To summarize, –list_db=False option on OpenERP server lets us to hide all databases names from client…

Thanks & regards

Tiny ERP (Open ERP) Team