mercredi 22 avril 2009

Post Screen Cast @

Hello all, Greetings from Open ERP !!!

We are happy to tell our partners, admirers and large community of users and developers that, now they can showcase their work in live form as screen casts on , for this user will find direct link on the home page of the website instead going through . This is to provide easy platform, so that everyone can share their work and knowledge with others.

This will help every contributor to reach large community of Open ERP and potential users for Open ERP to get recognitions and rewards. Open ERP contributor can submit her screen casts which mainly focuses on the matters related to- features of Open ERP, success stories, how to develop new functionalities, Open ERP screen cast in different languages and so on...

User can upload her screen casts in few minutes, which will be reviewed by administrator and put on the site if it matches with the required criteria for publishing. In this we have provided ‘Quality Information’ to produce good quality screen casts, we suggest user to read it carefully before submiting screen casts to avoid chances for rejection.

There are only three mandatory fields title, thumbnail and screen cast file to submit screen casts.

Screen casts should be in any of 'mov', 'wmv', 'avi', 'flv', 'm4v', 'swf','mpg', 'mp4', 'mpeg', 'ogg', 'ogm', 'ogv' format. Where as thumbnail for the same should be in 'gif', 'jpg', 'png' format.

Thanks & Regards

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vendredi 17 avril 2009

Challenges And Opportunities for Open ERP

After interacting with many software end users in different industry verticals, we found that when it comes to open source there are main two concerns, first is to get required documentation to start with and second is to get proper timely support for training, customization and maintenance. Also as open source product evolves on every day basis from contribution of its large community, some end users afraid of improper code and bugs while using it.

Looking at these scenarios new version 5 of Open ERP comes with a full review of the web site giving access to more than 1500 pages of documentations on business management and a reorganisation of the community sources build upon the Open Object framework. Also Open ERP offers to customers a set of editions that bundle Open ERP with commercial maintenance and services.

We at Open ERP sense these concerns of end users and developed new documentation for our product and also introduce new products as additional services. We continue our efforts to release a very good documentation on Open ERP. Now end users and developers can enjoy free and an improved version of our different documentations: The user book on enterprise management, The developer book, The community guide, The modules documentation.

Access these documentations on: . We also encourage all admirers of Open ERP to contribute in this documentation by providing their insight for their expertise in respective fields. If you want to contribute in the documentation process, please join the launchpad project:

The set of service editions for Open ERP provides the end users guarantee to run Open ERP in a professional environment. These editions are second level maintenance contracts, as first level support is being provided by Open ERP certified partners.

These Open ERP editions are not differentiated on functionalities of software, all editions are based on exactly the same code, software and documentation. The differences between the 3 editions is only related to the service level agreement and the guarantees you, or your customer, require. For more detail one can visit .

As a result of these new developments, interest and acceptance for Open ERP is increasing by leaps and bounce. We are seeing record increase in downloads for the software which is near about 5000 downloads per day this is 10 times higher than its close competitors. We are looking forward to increase our partner network in near future to cater this growing demand for Open ERP.

jeudi 16 avril 2009

OpenERP forum with RSS / Atom feed

Now enjoy the extension of our OpenERP Forum with RSS / Atom feed.

You can choose your favorite discussion / topic on Forum and mark as RSS to get on your desired place.

Or you can choose “Atom” from URL of the page from address bar.

After click on RSS / Atom link, you will get a view like…

So, get updated with Forum as and when you wish, on your demand.