lundi 8 juin 2009

Commiting in Launchpad: Guidelines


This message is for all Open ERP contributors, to depict our new policy in terms of commit and bugfixes into Launchpad. As you are directly concerned, read carefully the following 4 points and don't hesitate to give feedback!

1. The stable branch must be used for bugfixes only. The new features (+the bugfixes on these new functionalities) have to be done in the trunk branch. Note that, we will backport periodically all the fixes from stable to trunk.

2. Always set the author's name, if it's different from the person who has committed. I heard that some contributors have seen their work has been commited without mentioning their name in the commit message: this is not acceptable at all.

We have to show respect for them and for their work, so please use --author="<author_name>" when merging work or patching features from community.

e.g: bzr commit --author="<author_name>"

3. Format to commit message :

* Use header in each commit message. Header should be out of these: [IMP], [FIX], [REF], [ADD], [REM]

[IMP] : For improvements

[FIX] : For bug fixes

[REF] : For refactoring (improvements of the source code, without changing the functionalities or behaviours. See for further details)

[ADD] : For adding new resources

[REM] : For removing of resources

* Always put meaning full commit message.
Commit message should be self explanatory (long enough) including the name of the module that has been changed. Do not use single words like "bugfix" or "improvements" any-more! (the only single word to commit message accepted is "merge")

* If you are fixing the bugs use --fixes=lp:<bug_number> instead of putting the number of the bug in the commit message.

* Use the revision id instead of the revision number when you make reference to a revision in your commited message. You can get this revision id, by using the command "bzr version-info".


Not Correct : bzr commit -m “[FIX]: reverted bad revision (cannot install new db) with revision number:525425”

Correct : bzr commit -m “[FIX]: reverted bad revision (cannot install new db) with revision number id:”

Not Correct : bzr commit -m "Bug 568889 : typo corrected"

Correct : bzr commit --fixes=lp:568889 -m "[FIX] account module: typo corrected"

4. Don't make commit which simultaneously impacts lots of modules. Try to splits into different commits where impacted modules are different (It will be helpful when we are going to revert that module separately).

Thanks & Regards,

Open ERP

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