jeudi 4 juin 2009

Open ERP Integration With Google Map


We have come up with new features, which gives you flexibility to get your data like, partner information : individual partner information, country wide partner information on Google MAP with just one click. It is very simple to have your data from any Open ERP database on Google MAP.

Now, we have made it easier to trace partners information with name, address, code, receivable and payable, etc on a single click from Google map. More over you can get contry wise data for total number of partners, complied with number of invoices made and total turnover for respective country. Also you can find delivery routes with customer and warehouse locations, with number of deliveries and number of products sent.

This will provide great ergonomic and rich ERP interface to end user. With this, in few clicks you can analyse and keep track of your business in real time.

How to use:
- Install Google_earth on your Open ERP database.
- You will find this module at Menu -> Partners -> Google Map / Earth
- You will get
- Customer on map with turnover
- Partners country on map
- Delivery routes find

- By running these wizard, you will get KML file, upload it in your google map account
- Now, enjoy looking at analyze data on Google MAP.

Thank you,
Open ERP Team.

20 commentaires:

  1. It's very interesting,
    I would like to know if it is possible that maps were visible in the application (gtk or web).


  2. hello,
    when we run the wizard from tinyerp it will create kml file at your local system..Then you have to manually open and upload that kml files,

    So it will be visible on web site .

  3. It is possible to display maps within the web client. However i think the Tiny MCE widget used in the web client for text_html widget has some filtering of html tags which make it impossible from the frontend.

    However if a iframe tag is used to display the google map, then it works beautifully. I managed to get this done from the DB, however we need to wait and see why tiny decided to filter tags.

    I wish it was open

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