jeudi 27 août 2009

Faster Developent With Open ERP Gedit Plugin

In continuation to make development and customization for Open ERP easy and fast with tools like Object designer, Workflow designer, Report designer, View editor,we are happy to announce to you all launch of Open ERP Gedit (Text Editor) plugin. To build or customize business applications in very less time for Open ERP.

Now no need to remember syntax of source code, Geditor will give you freedom and make coding easy for Open ERP. For more detail please visit this link : Open ERP – Gedit . Here in this screen cast we have shown, how with Gedit one can develop a class for Partner module in Open ERP and can create a wizard for mailing. Also it will help coder by selecting different theme they can change color code to highlight syntax of Open ERP.

To download Gedit plugin kindly click on
1. Gedit plugin for Open ERP
2. Change theme in Gedit plugin

13 commentaires:

  1. Great idea ! I just watched the screencast and I like it. It must specially usefull when you start with openerp like me.

    Unfortunately even with the fresh repaired broken link, I got a openerp.tar.gz with just a python.xml which seems to be the standard one with no openerp special things in it.


  2. Looks nice, but a few remarks:

    * The tiny keyword is a bit useless as personally I don't like to donate my copyright to Tiny (I'd have no issue with donating/copyrighting it to the OpenObject project itself)
    * Why use the wizard.interface class ? I though this class is to be removed in future versions and osv_memory already has all the capabilities of the old wizard class ?

  3. To Jeff:

    Likely you are experiencing the same issue as me, here is the bug I filed about it.

    Fix is to create $HOME/.gnome2/gedit/snippets directory.

  4. To Red15:
    No, no, no ... not the same issue : dso silently replaced the openerp.tar.gz. The one I had was 549 bytes, now it's 3.7 KB ! Thx anyway.

    To dso:
    I will forgive you (you made me look like a fool) if you do the same for xml files. ;-))) I think that it will be even more usefull.

  5. I cannot import openerp.tar.gz. nothing happens after import. I have the directory ~/gnome2/gedit/snippets.
    Have gedit 2.26.1 - ubuntu 9.04


  6. Actualy this comment id not regarding the post above...

    I want a favor from your side, if you can help me out regarding... Account_budget mudule...

    We would like to track budget for various departments in an organization. We have installed account_budget module to see if we can use this.

    Has anyone used this module? I am aware the budgeting needs to be handled in Anaytic Accounting.if someone has used budgeting, can somebody give a use case how to use this functionality.

    I am getting confused about "Theoritical amount" and "Practical amount" and how the calculations work. Any help would be appreciated.

    Nitin Marwal

    Business Analyst
    Pune, India

  7. hi, i am a software engineer working on product development on j2ee.however i want to know whatever and everything of open erp how to get it support when open erp used for app which needs long term maintainance,what all are tools available,what RAD tools are available to make nw facility development for clients faster can email me anything and everything about open erp. my email id is 98448 97210

  8. For those that can't get it to work through the import of snippets as shown in the screencast. Simply download the the snippet package and extract the file contained within to the directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/snippets. Don't forget it's [dot]gnome2!! That got it working properly for me.

  9. Hello mga....

    I used a lot this XML file, and we improve some message to remember stuff when we are working on rapid development, don't you think is a great ide a open a launchpad project with this file and go putting more information on it?, i took the liberty of create it and invite to you!!!, and add a file with snippets for view contruction too!

    Thanks a lot this little file help me so much to understand somo little things on OpenERP.

  10. hello every body

    can some body tell me about the difference in custom field and basic field.

  11. but from the link i only downloaded four jpeg????

  12. bzr branch lp:openobject-gedit
    after create the tar.gz.
    In this way gedit responds with "Importe sucessfull" but the snippet does not seem to change even in this case. boh? The directiory ~/.gnome2/gedit/snippets exist and it does not matter if the file tar.gz is saved in this folder or another.... have you any idea? Tnx

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