mardi 25 août 2009

Opportunity for ERP Enthusiasts With Open ERP

Hello Everybody,

Open ERP, is one of the most appreciated Open Source management software, with more than 700 downloads per day. It's available today in 18 languages and has a world network of partners and contributors with more than 90 partners and 1000 contributors. Such software has arisen from the blend of high code quality, well-judged architecture and use of free technologies. In fact, you may be surprised (if you're an IT person) to find that the size of whole Open ERP setup is less than 90 MB when you've installed the software.

Open ERP has released its new service offer - Odoo, the Ondemand ERP solution with minimal costs involved for end user. Its a SaaS (Software As A Service) offer from Open ERP, which provides access to end user without any investments or any infrastructural cost. It is mainly dedicated to small and/or medium enterprises and budding enterprises with limited IT budgets. With Odoo, you can get a ready-to-use and complete enterprise management software in a few clicks. Odoo is based on the latest stable version of Open ERP. It's a self-service and low-cost offer with a unique price that includes:

* Open ERP Hosting with high bandwidth and servers,
* Incremental backups servers,
* Software + Infrastructure as a Service,
* Maintenance with bugfixes and automated migrations,
* Open ERP control centre, etc.

The subscription to Odoo is free, one need to pay at the end of the month, only if he is satisfied. With Odoo, one pay only what he really use @ 0,60€ per hour. Also the 60 hours of use per month is for free. Get more informations under the website: This solution offers the possibility to get Open ERP in three clicks and use it anywhere at any time. You can subscribe to this solution here

Recently Open ERP released its latest version 5.0.2 with new improvements and is full of user friendly new features like,

Better error messages for end users
Attributes for barcode
Improved reporting for accounts, logistics, sales, taxation, production, sales etc... for better IMS reporting.

You will find the Windows installers and the sources on Open ERP download page ( This is the opportunity for any ERP enthusiast or business person to have on hand experience of world class ERP without incuring cost.

For more information contact or

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